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Sony PS3: 3D Gaming Arriving This Summer

Back in late December we revealed that the Blu-ray 3D specification had now been approved, this specification is what Sony’s PlayStation 3 needed to start offering 3D gaming.

We are now hearing that 3D technology will finally arrive on the console this summer, during this time-frame Sony will be releasing their 3D LCD HDTVs, apparently Sony are ‘currently developing 3D stereoscopic games’.

It is thought that 3D capabilities will reach the PS3 via two separate updates, one will enable 3D gaming and the other will enable 3D video.

During the Eurogamer EXPO 2009 I was lucky enough to experience 3D gaming on the PS3, the game I played was Avatar and I must say the depth and layers which the 3D content offered were absolutely mind blowing.

Will you buy a 3D LCD HDTV when they are launched this summer?



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