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PS3’s New Invite System: Tutorial and Compatible games

Are you a regular user of the PS3 text chat service? If so, you might be very interested to hear about a ‘new’ system that has recently been brought into place, which allows you to take your parties into selected games.

If you head over to the official EU PS Blog, you will see a tutorial of how the process works, as well as a list of compatible games that support this feature.

It works as you would imagine: having a party already in progress in the XMB, move into your selected game, so you can all play together on multiplayer, without having to split up your party.

At the moment, only a few games support this feature. Confirmed ones include BioShock 2, Aliens Vs Predator, DiRT 2 and Call Of Duty Classic – although many more games could well have support already.

How many of you knew about this already? Full tutorial over at the blog, let us know your thoughts on this.



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