PS3’s MAG: Favorite Weapon Setup? Customization and Attachments

By Alan Ng - Feb 11, 2010

MAG has been available on the PS3 for a few weeks now, so how is everyone finding it? We are sure there are a lot of gamers out there who have left Modern Warfare 2 behind for MAG, so following on from our overwhelming feedback on MW2 weapons, we would like to know what is your current setup for MAG at the moment.

While it is clear that MAG is a totally different game to MW2, one thing is very similar in the fact that weapon customization remains an integral part of the game, and your chosen layout could mean the difference between victory or defeat for your team.

Firstly, I have to say that the list of available weapons in MAG is pretty impressive, with tons of possible layouts, upgrades and attachments available once you start gaining those all-important skill points.

Depending on whether you are in S.V.E.R, Valor or Raven, different weapons are available to use and in the long term, upgrade to a more ‘beefed’ up version if you like.

I’ve found myself in Valor pretty often, and I have to say that I’m getting used to the standard M4A1 assault rifle with added reflex sight and reduced recoil, although I do like to give the M14 EBR a go sometimes.

What is your current setup for MAG? Do you think added attachments make a huge difference to your K:D ratio or not?

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  • matthew

    im in sver, i love the vipera 2, but it could be stronger. im level 15 field support.

  • DA1

    im in s.v.e.r psnid Ninjas_R_Us23 i us shot guns or vipera 2 with the scilencer. its so beasty

  • Ryan Lind

    ok just got mag and im am at lvl 21 and i think the first armor or second not the most powerful with the last assault rifle with the grip, acog like scope not the reflex with the steady aim and less recoil that with a medical kit and revive thing. i can normally get about 350 in a sabotage match. oh yeah im on valor

    • bob

      lets go valor

  • Brick

    Loving MAG.

    Used my first four skill points to get the resuscitation skill, then re-specced at L13 to get the AM50 Sniper Rifle and Variable Scope.

    Tis a thing of beauty – I can now get headshots as the reds leave their base. Only shame is I can’t hear them swearing through my headset!