Panasonic Toughbook H1 Field: First Look at Rugged Tablet

By Jamie Pert - Feb 11, 2010

Just a couple of weeks after Apple unveiled their new iPad, Panasonic have announced the release of their own tablet, the H1 field. This tablet has opted for a ‘tough’ design so will appeal to those with more physically demanding needs.

The Toughbook H1 Field comes with a 10.4 inch screen, Intel Atom 1.86GHz processor, 2GB RAM, and a 64GB SSD. Windows 7 comes pre-installed with an XP downgrade option for those not willing to take the plunge to Windows 7 quite yet.

The H1 Field also features 2 hot-swappable batteries with 6hrs battery life, this means it really can be used on the go without worrying about finding your nearest power outlet.

This tablet was built to withstand a lot of punishment, it can tolerate extreme weather conditions and can survive drops of up to 6 feet, despite all this they still found room to install a 2MP camera, a card reader, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

At around $3400 though it certainly isn’t cheap. if this price doesn’t put you off you don’t have to wait long as its due ts due out in March.

Source: SlipperyBrick

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