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MAG PS3 Game: It’s all about tactics

What are your MAG tactics? The PS3 game is little to look at with a quick glance, but after putting in a few hours of hard gameplay, you will be opened up to a bigger world than most games before it.

What makes MAG different to Modern Warfare 2? Both graphics and tactics, yes Modern Warfare 2 wins hands down when it comes to graphics but it also loses hands down when we talk about tactics during gameplay. MAG finds the balance between graphics, gameplay, and tactics with 256 player battles. This is a real war, in the gaming world.

If you have loved playing games like Age of Empires / Red Alert, and then found yourself in a world of FPS. Now is the time to buy MAG, you get to play a great first person shooting game, and unleash a whole new world of tactics for this type of game.

When you are part of a team of 128 soldiers, you may only be one person but you will be needed any many areas of the battlefield. How will you help out your Squad, Platoon, and Company? Will you heal everyone around you? Will you repair?

MAG is all about tactics, what are yours?



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