MAG PS3 Game: It’s all about tactics

By Daniel Chubb - Feb 11, 2010

What are your MAG tactics? The PS3 game is little to look at with a quick glance, but after putting in a few hours of hard gameplay, you will be opened up to a bigger world than most games before it.

What makes MAG different to Modern Warfare 2? Both graphics and tactics, yes Modern Warfare 2 wins hands down when it comes to graphics but it also loses hands down when we talk about tactics during gameplay. MAG finds the balance between graphics, gameplay, and tactics with 256 player battles. This is a real war, in the gaming world.

If you have loved playing games like Age of Empires / Red Alert, and then found yourself in a world of FPS. Now is the time to buy MAG, you get to play a great first person shooting game, and unleash a whole new world of tactics for this type of game.

When you are part of a team of 128 soldiers, you may only be one person but you will be needed any many areas of the battlefield. How will you help out your Squad, Platoon, and Company? Will you heal everyone around you? Will you repair?

MAG is all about tactics, what are yours?

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  • avgGIjoe

    teamwork and communication is the No 1 tactic. Forming plans to cover each others backs before venturing from the spawn point is key. Speaking of point, I have heard it mentioned that someone needs to take point. running head long into a kill box isn't a tactic. two guys on point, two guys covering the 6 and two guys watching the flanks. Leap frog to take ground. COORDINATION and COMMUNICATION

  • alienclay

    the magic is in the tactics, but that comes with good leadership.

    the game of mag is at it's best when you have inspired leaders moving their units toward the objective and subs take orders to pick up the valuable frago bonuses. right now the game is young and you have some people in squad leader and otherwise who know nothing about leadership letting the gfame play out nilly willy, but after you have played under someone who can read the situation, watches out for the team, knows how to push and make the objective happen, you start to understand what mag is all about and why 256 players is in fact so awesome. even though you dont see every one at once the outcome of the entire battle hinges more on tactics being used than the skill of indivisual players making kills. no pmc v pmc mode cares about kill count, only objectives.
    i fear what a decent 30 player clan or group of allied clans of about this size could do to own the competition if it were to so come together with teamwork and leadership.

  • Tesseract

    The graphics are adequate, but they are obviously not as pretty as MW2 for example. As you said, it was to keep the engine from choking too badly when handling large firefights.

    It definitely DOES help to have a headset…. But if your Squad leader has a headset, you should be able to hear his orders. Between that and the FRAGOs, you should be good on a basic level. More in-depth tactics haven’t really been explored much as far as I’ve seen.

    The guys in Suppression who’ve been playing for months might be getting a quick game in when they don’t have a lot of time, or may be testing out new equipment they just gained access to. It’s a training excercise, though, so just watch their tactics and learn.

  • LoLondon


    ok, I have to say, my first opinion of the game after only maybe 5h on it is
    – less than average graphics (but hey, I think to myself, the engine has to run 256 troopers in a huge map, so, ok, maybe it has to do concessions)
    – Physics of the game are rubbish : the soldiers are weightless, they “float” in the air when jumping or falling.
    – All the tactical buzz : is that exclusive to people with blutooth headsets? Because I don’t have one, and as far as I am concerned : there is no tactic at all in all that, just FPS. I don’t receive orders as a newbie, no commands…
    – Detailed graphic : I don’t know what it is due to, but the previous comment is right : can’t see the ennemy!
    – Platoon selection : ok, I might be really CRAP, BUT statistically, over 30 games, having been 28 times in the loosing platoon is a bit strange, innit? I am still in training mode, but it feels like there are guys in trainign mode who have been on this game for months! is the point to disgust new players?
    I DO have the feeling there is something under there, so If someone is in the mood to have a soldier-slave under his command, my PSN is LawrenceIV, and I’d be happy to learn, incl changing Private Army Company (not that I have grown much yet anyway).

    • Buzzin Fr0g

      You shouldn't ever play MAG, or any other tactical FPS, sans headset. Don't do it. You ruin the game for yourself and you ruin it for others. If you have a phobia about talking on the mic, that's an anxiety issue that needs addressing.

      • Buzzin Fr0g is a fag

        Wow your a fag

  • Tesseract

    MAG was developed by Zipper Interactive of SOCOM fame, and HAZE was by Free Radical… recently snapped up by Crytek to become Crytek UK.

    Your point about the ‘not even seeing them’ is interesting. The point is that the maps are so huge that you CAN have four groups of 64 going at once on the same set of objectives… but I know I’ve run over to other parts of the map on Domination to help take out troubled AA emplacements.

    Also, it’s only really up to the OIC to worry about the full battlefield, the Platoon leader to manage his quadrant and the Squad leader to guide the other 7 under his command. MAG’s scope truly does set it apart from other FPSs in that it gives the opportunity for a REAL command structure instead of just 8 guys over here and 8 guys over there. The Battlefield series is the only thing that comes close, but even then, it’s just 32 guys on this side and 32 on the other.

    As for tactics? Sorry, but I’m gonna keep my tactics between me and my Raven compatriots. I’d prefer SVER and Valor only find out AFTER they’ve been employed. 😉

  • ja

    i hate this game its pointless of having 256 players when you dont even see them, plus the 30 second respawn delay thats why the game has an overall average very low score of 54% possibly the worst rated game since HAZE.. which coincidently is developed by the same sony company ‘zipper interactive’ LOL gooooo sonyy!

    • Buzzin Fr0g

      Clearly ja is a casual gamer. Us former PC players can appreciate the depth and talent required to succeed in MAG. It's refreshing to get an FPS that doesn't hold your hand and reward mediocre ability like the COD and BF franchises as of late.

      • Jay Baldwin

        Hey Buzzin Fr0g, I believe i've played with you a few times before. You might or might not remember me under the username of "KingJay95". Anyways I just wanted to add, I completely agree with you on this subject. While many players do not like MAG because they are used to MW2, I stuck with it a few weeks and learned to like it above MW2 tenfold. Having been a real life soldier (and gamer) I can tell you that this is the most strategically realistic FPS to date. I'm a proud owner of this game and I hope that many people will keep playing this game because it's worth it. Buzzin Fr0g; not sure if you have room in your friends list or if you're still a VALOR employee, but if you have room and happen to have a RAVEN or S.V.E.R. account please add me so we can have a friendly match sometimes. Thank you for your honest contribution on this subject, and good luck out there on the battlefield (especially if you're still VALOR, we all know VALOR needs luck LOL).