Google Buzz vs Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook: Feb 2010

By Jamie Pert - Feb 11, 2010

As you may have heard Google have recently unveiled their social networking solution, they have called this Google Buzz and it integrates with GMail.

A recent article posted on Web-Strategist looks into how Google Buzz will compete with Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, there is no doubt that Google Buzz will at least shake up the social-networking industry, however whether it will “kill off” the competition is yet to be seen (and in my opinion very unlikely).

If you check out Web-Strategist’s article you can see a list of strengths and weaknesses which all of the current services offer, Buzz’s main weakness is that it is “very late to the party”, at the moment there is no big reason for users to switch from Twitter/Facebook/MySpace.

One strength is that Google could integrate Buzz into many of their side-projects such as Google Chrome (web browser), Google Chrome OS, Google Apps and Google Android.

Have you had a chance to use Google Buzz? If so, tell us what you think so far in the comments section below.

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  • I think buzz is great

  • chandramouliem

    Google buzz is very good and is of its own kind.. with a plenty of better choices than twitter or others.. but I expect it to overcome certain limitations.. when compared those that are available in other social network sites like twitter or facebook etc..

  • Basiyr

    It is already integrated with Android and Google maps. “Late to the party” is a none starter. I think Google is starting a whole new party.