Google Buzz Vs Facebook and Twitter: 5 good and bad reasons

Still confused as to the potential of Google’s new social networking service ‘Buzz’? Well, not to worry as we have a useful article for you to read now, which states 5 good things about the new service, as well as 5 bad things, also drawing comparison with rivals Twitter and Facebook.

The article comes from Pocket-Lint, who have stated that Buzz is great for viewing all of your social networking information in one easy-to-access place, also praising the fact that it is integrated into the gmail service – eliminating the need for you to download any additional software.

They also draw upon the future potential of Buzz, stating how useful the likes of Twitter, Picasa and Flickr info is only seconds away from your Buzz interface.

At the moment, Buzz is only available to those who have a Gmail account, so you’ll be missing out if you dont have one – but in this day and age, we don’t think theres too many of you that don’t.

Another potentially frustrating thing about Buzz is that, while it can access your information from your Twitter account, you can’t actually update it through Buzz – but that seems pretty logical to us, considering Buzz, Facebook and Twitter are all competing to be top dog.

Interested in hearing more good and bad reasons about Google Buzz? Head over to PL for the full article. Let us know your initial impressions of the new service.



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