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Crysis 2 Screenshots : Built to max out PS3’s FULL capabilities

We have some pretty exciting details to share with you now, as it has been reported that Crysis 2 is being built with the PS3’s processing potential in mind, after an EA official let slip a few key details about the upcoming FPS sequel.

As reported from GamesThirst, the bombshell has come from Gary Steinman, who is the Official Playstation Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief, who revealed that his ‘old friend’ from EA popped into to see him, with some exclusive gameplay of Crysis 2 in action. (What a guy!)

He revealed to Steinman that the footage shown, i.e the dynamic lighting, explosions, environments were generated on the PS3, and not on a PC like most of us would presume.

Furthermore, after seeing the footage in front of him, Steinman concluded that the game looked better than ‘almost’ anything he had ever seen on a PS3.

If that doesnt get you pumped up for Crysis 2, we don’t know what will to be honest. PS3 owners, what do you make of this?



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