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Aliens Vs Predator: Rebellion talk DLC release for PS3, Xbox 360

Something for Aliens Vs Predator fans now, as Rebellion’s Tim Jones has spoken to clarify the situation regarding the special edition DLC content and future DLC plans for the game after release.

As reported from Eurogamer, players who purchase the Special Edition of AvP will gain exclusive access to four new multiplayer maps as soon as the game is released.

For everyone else though, these maps will be become available as DLC at some point after release, while Tim Jones also confirmed that further DLC is in the pipeline as well.

After having a chance to try out the mulitplayer segment last November, and watching all the various media teases that Sega have been releasing along the way, I can definitely recommend this game for those still unsure whether to buy or not.

I’ll be getting this, will you?



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