Verizon iPhone 4G: 2010 Predictions By Barclays Capital Analysts

By Alan Ng - Feb 10, 2010

If you are hoping that AT&T stay on as the carrier of choice for the iPhone 4G, you will find this article very interesting, as several analysts have predicted that AT&T will be staying with Apple for the next version.

As reported from EricTric, the main reason why they think that AT&T will maintain exclusive rights for the iPhone is that they have noted that the upcoming iPad tablet contains certain model configurations which will already be compatible with AT&T.

Combine that with the fact that Apple will not want to cause any disagreements with AT&T once the 3G version of the iPad is available, then it seems likely that customers may have to wait even longer for any hope of an iPhone on Verizon.

What are your thoughts on this? Full article through the link above.

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  • Carl

    Miseal you are correct. Verizon will not announce the iPhone until they are stocked with inventory and ready to go. Any premature announcement would kill all sales they currently have with the rivals and would be a major loss of revenue for Verizon.
    If there was a deal between Verizon and Apple they already missed the largest window of opportunity to get the message out by placing an ad during the Super Bowl on Sunday. Can you even begin to imagine how many iPhone orders would have been placed had they made such an annoucement during the game. At this point it is a crap shoot.

  • Thiago

    This is so messed up… because of stupid business negotiations and stuff, the consumers are the ones that get hurt. My upgrade for Verizon is coming soon and I really wanted to buy an iPhone on VERIZON (iPod Touch broke; don’t wanna buy two devices)… not AT&T… Thanks, Apple…

  • Brandon

    Why would Apple want to keep AT&T on their good side. If AT&T gets pissed off Apple can go to Verizon. AT&T doesn’t have another giant to go to.

  • Jasmyn

    I do am waiting until Verizon releases the iPhone. To be honest, I was debating on whether to leave Verizon for AT&T strictly because of the iPhone and then it was back to reality and I realized I would so much rather have outstanding coverage then not to outstanding. As far as coverage is concerned going to AT&T would be a downgrade! So yes, I’m still waiting, patiently waiting and I hope that we all see the iPhone with Verizon in 2010!! I can’t keep waiting like this though! I’m due for an upgrade in 2 months, but I will give it at least 7 before changing phones! Luckily my Samsung Omnia works perfect and I love it to death, or else I would have to let it go more sooner than later!

  • The only reason Apple has not said anything about a Verizon Iphone is because they would lose money if they did so early before it happens, If they announced a better Iphone version for verizon people will stop buying Iphones and Ipads to wait till the Verizon version is available and that will lose money for apple. Apple is all about making money, and bringing the Iphone to Verizon will bring Verizon and Apple off the charts!!!, and that take at&t OUT of any chart they where on.. sorry at&t but your time is up.