Valentines Day Ideas: Amazon’s What Not To Buy

Buying the right Valentines day gift can sometimes prove to be a pretty hard decision, equally as hard can be ensuring that you do not buy a gift which may insult/annoy your partner.

Amazon have recently put together a list of ‘Bad Gift Ideas’, you should avoid buying any of these if you still want to be with your partner on February 15th.

One gift that you should avoid is ‘Dyson DC14 All-Floors Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner‘, I think it would take a very brave man to buy his wife this on Valentines day.

Another offensive thing you should avoid treating your partner to is a set of Tanita BF680W Duo Scales, infact as a rule I would say avoid any gift to do with losing weight or exercise.

The ultimate insult and possible relationship ender would be to buy your partner ‘Sex for Dummies‘, no doubt it could help the relationship in some ways, however I would expect nothing less then a slap in the face in return.

You can see Amazon’s complete list of bad Valentines day gifts here, if you want help choosing the correct Valentines day gift check out our earlier article.



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