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Trials HD (Xbox 360): RedLynx Boast Impressive ’09 Sales

On August 12th 2009 RedLynx released Trials HD on the Xbox Live Marketplace, the game is a “2D puzzle/racing game with 3D high definition graphics”, it is very reminiscent of Elasto Mania (which was a very popular PC game during my school years).

RedLynx are claiming to have sold 1.5 million copies of the game throughout 2009, the Finnish company will apparently soon be “bringing 8-10 new games to market”.

RedLynx also release free promotional web versions of their titles, this is a big part of their success as it allows games to be noticed by a wider audience.

Previous titles from RedLynx have included “Monster Trucks Nitro on PC and a couple of iPhone games”, chances are 2010 will prove to be a successful year for the developer, to find out more check out JoyStiq.



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