Toyota Problems and Prius Recall: Review of Company Operations

We have known for some time now that Toyota are having a few issues with the brakes on a few of their models, such as the ever-popular Prius hybrid. The Japanese carmaker has now decided to recall the vehicle, but things have now got much worse for the company.

We never thought that Lexus would become part of this latest recall, but it seems that this luxury brand is not safe either. According to sources, Toyota president, Akio Toyoda has told the Washington Post that there will be an “outside review of company operations.” He also hopes that there will be a much better response to customer complaints.

Toyota has been running a series of TV commercial, they have been apologizing to their customers as well as trying to win back confidence. The automaker needs to do something as 8.5 million Toyota vehicles have now been recalled, 440,000 of which are for the Prius Hybrid.

Toyota are not just faced with this brake recall, the automaker has also issued a recall of 7,300 of their 2010 Camry’s. It seems that there is some sort of issue with the power-steering hose as it can come into contact with a brake tube. FAQ’s on these recalls here.

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