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Snow Leopard Mac OS X 10.6: Enable Missing Services

A recent article posted on MacWorld looks at how Mac users can enable missing services in Snow Leopard, all of these missing services are accessible within System Preferences.

If you Control-click on some text in TextEdit you should see three context menu items, these are ‘New Note With Selection’, ‘New Email With Selection’, and ‘Make New Sticky Note’, if you do not see these you will have to enable the correct service.

To access the missing services simply go to System Preferences, click on ‘Keyboard’, click on the ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ tab, in the left-hand column click on ‘Services’.

Now you should see a right-hand column, if you scroll down you should see ‘New Note With Selection’, ‘New Email With Selection’ and ‘Make New Sticky Note’, as standard these will be on, simply toggle these services off then back on and the context menu items should show u in future.

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Souce: MacWorld



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