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New Apple iPads: £29,400 spent from climate change budget

It has been reported that a UK council has sanctioned around £29,400 from their ‘climate change’ budget, to be spent on the new Apple iPads to cut costs on paper usage.

I think this is borderline ridiculous personally, but i’ll let you make your own minds up on this one. It is no surprise that they have come in for huge criticism over the move, but council bosses remain defiant on the idea.

Cambridge City Council in the UK has a £250,000 budget for climate change purposes, but have already forked out almost £30,000 on that, on 42 Apple iPad tablets. Bosses claim that it will improve the environment by saving thousands of paper used each year.

What are your thoughts on this? The idea of the government using our money to buy Apple iPads using their reasons given, is not good enough in my opinion.

Leave us your thoughts below. Full article at The Sun here.



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