FIFA 2011: Online players will be punished for quitting

By Alan Ng - Feb 10, 2010

Are you a regular online player of Fifa 2010 and have grown tired of players leaving mid-game? Well this could soon be coming to an end with the next version of the game, according to EA.

As reported from VG247, EA’s Simon Humbler has stated that the team will be punishing players who quit online games after a certain period, in the next installment of the game, Fifa 2011.

At the same time, players who complete matches are to be rewarded, so it looks as if EA are thinking of implementing some kind of in-game system, to make things fair and exciting at the same time.

No word on what exactly the punishments will be though, what are your ideas on this? Good idea or not?

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  • No Name

    It mus be like Pes… With pes you do not have a problem online… you cant quit the match and if some one quit the game you get his point's and he loses points..

    In Pes you can play competitions online.. every match 5 min and when after wile winning you can become champignon.. Fifa is fake online but the game play is better more fun..

    But pes online is Better,

  • koleto

    I think they should locked quitting or if you want to quit give certain amount of point to the opponent. The amount will change in reference to the goals received . If are winning the amount will be less. This is Fair I think.

  • ayman talib


  • frustrado

    im forced to cheat too just to prevent from a 100% losing streak, since my winning games end up being disconnected by cheaters…if i don't cheat in retaliation/protection, i will have 100% losing streak!

  • frustrado

    ea hasnt done anything…2-0 the opponent pauses the game and all im left with is a connection has been lost message…f'n bs.

  • Franco

    I hate cheaters. I was beating this dude 5-0 2 days ago and suddenly I lose controls of my players and their start doing own goals. What kind of caca is this?????

  • guest

    The thing that is also annoying is that when someone is up a goal they will run around
    and do stupid tricks in their own end like thay're so good with the bs goal they scored.

    Others know how to literally make your screen freeze when your playing, making it almost impossible to shoot pass or defend correctly. Its not just a server related issue when the
    opponent seem to be doing everything perfectly.

    Some know how to use two controllers playing against one person, which can be realized when your trying to defend(another player not dribbling the ball moves you out of the way for no reason)

    These are the main reasons that I have turned my system off or quit a game, but if you can beat some of these players even while they are cheating, you have to be pretty good.

    I hate cheaters

  • Titelbech

    I have Fifa 11 and I can tell you that this problem hasn't gotten any better. People quit all the time when im winning. I dont understand why quitting the match isn't the same as forfeiting and loosing 3-0?



  • PR

    Most of the fifa players quit, i play daily and I have 0% disconnect, i have not seen another guy out there doing the same. For me EA should block the connection to online features for an hour or so every time the player has more than 5% disconnect. If it reaches 10% it should be block 1 day. if it reaches 15% a week… Ill bet this will solve the problem

  • Sanders

    Isnt there another game where they allready tried this kind of system?

    I can't remember the game, but I can remember that players with bad internet connections or players that get disconnected against their will, also got some sort of penalty in points or whatever. Then again…if you play online, you should have a stable connection..

  • alan

    anyone who does it more than 10 times should have there ps3 account blocked sometimes it logs you out and you cant help that but when your 4-0 up its a disgrace when they quit

  • bebeto

    that good cuz thet always quit in mid game

    such losers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • toni

    ottimo punire chi interrompe le partite online,io come punizione gli bloccherei l'online fifa x 1 settimana in su.,attenzione ma solo se e fatto apposta,a volte puo capitare che si stacchi x problemi di connesione.
    quindi vai ea punisci

  • Comedykev

    About time too, well its only taken 2-3 years for them to implament.