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Dogs on Twitter with new iPhone app

If you are a Twitter user there are probably a wide range of users which you choose to follow, however up until now we have not seen pets on Twitter.

A Japanese mobile content provider called Index Corp aims to change this, not only will your dog be on Twitter but it will apparently ‘translate’ barks into English and tweet them.

Apparently there are six emotions which dogs portray with their bark, these are frustrated, happy, needy, on guard, sad and self-expressive, this “Bowlingual” translator can apparently tell the difference and tweet accordingly.

Apparently this proved to popular in Japan where manufacturers sold 300,000 units, therefore an iPhone version could become very successful.

Another feature that the app will offer will allow you to take a photo of your dog, you will then be able to give the photo a fish-eye affect making your dog look cuter than it already does.

An iPhone version is expected to be priced at $5, I would imagine the software will use your iPhone’s built-in microphone to capture your dog’s bark.

Would you buy this app?

Source MacWorld



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