Boeing’s 747-8 get’s thumbs-up: Don’t tell Airbus a380

Boeing have been coming under increasing pressure from Airbus in recent times, and the launch of the a380 has certainly made the 747 look a bit dated. However, Boeing is not ones to stand around and have now upgraded the much-loved Jumbo and launched the 747-8.

The new plane has now undergone its first flight, and the chief test pilot has given it a thumbs-up. The upgraded plane is larger than its predecessor, it can hold more passengers, go further and is much quieter, but is that enough to persuade airlines to part with their money and put an order in?

According to the Seattle Times Newspaper, the new 747-8 was in the air for 3 hours and 39 minutes, and the planned tests were accomplished. Although the plane looks large as it trundles down the runway once in the sky it looks very graceful.

The program is now a year behind, and in that time the Airbus a380 has been doing well, with many airlines putting their orders in. It is thought that not many passenger versions will be sold each year, but we could see a number of freight companies putting their orders in.

The new Boeing 747-8 is 18 feet longer and 13 feet wider, and the new wing design helps to give the plane more lift. The engines are more powerful and more economical and are based on the Dreamliner GEnx engines. To learn more visit Seattle Times Newspaper.



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