Toyota Prius UK Recall: 8,500 models to get ABS software upgrade

We have more details on the UK-specific recall of Toyota Prius models now, as it has been reported that as many as 8,500 third generation models are due to be recalled and will be given an ABS software upgrade.

As reported from MotorTrader, the recall in the UK will apply to all models built ‘before’ 27th January 2010. While the recall has now reached a global scale and is hitting the headlines all over the world, no issues have been reported in Europe yet, so it seems as if Toyota are just taking extreme precautions.

As for the ABS software upgrade that will affect all 8,500 models in the UK, we are hearing that the process will last around 40 minutes, and Toyota will be informing affected owners this week, with further instructions.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Do you have an affected model in the UK?



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