Star Wars: The Old Republic – Release date update from EA

By Alan Ng - Feb 9, 2010

For all of you interested in picking up the next big Star Wars game, The Old Republic, we have an update on the expected release date for the game, direct from EA CFO Eric Brown.

As reported from VG247, EA has now stated that they ‘do not expect’ the game to be released before the end of March 2011. What this means is that, we are now likely to see a release for the game around April or May, providing that there are no delays (which could well happen with an MMO of this scale).

However Brown did add that EA will ”continue to increase significant development cost as we prepare this title for launch.”

So there we have it. Not really a delay as such, but the game is still clearly miles away from completion. Let us know your thoughts on this, Star Wars fans.

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  • steven

    Its beginning to sounds like the game would of failed if not for the massive investment into the game already.