New Facebook Layout vs Old: Your Thoughts?

By Jamie Pert - Feb 9, 2010

Recently Facebook have rolled out a new layout, at first glance I was pretty critical, however I am now coming round to what I believe is a simpler interface.

The new layout truncates quite a lot of the infrequently used menus such as “Account Settings”, “Privacy Settings” and the Logout button, these can all be found in the Account drop down menu.

The left hand panel is in my opinion the success story of this new layout, it not only allows you to narrow down what is seen in the news feed, but it allows quickly and easily access to applications, requests and Facebook’s online chat.

Finally the one other change that I like is the notification feature near the Facebook logo, these notifications ‘light-up’ when you have a new friend requests, a new message or a new notification.

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  • Stef

    I have been on Facebook since 2007 and this is maybe the 6th or 7th change since and I’m really fed up with this now, so fed up that I am hardly active, i can’t be bothered anymore. I do not see how this is better, i can’t see status updates clearly and the wall displays rubbish updates like who my friends are ‘friends with'(I couldn’t care less!)Also, I never understood the difference between the last ‘News feed’ and ‘Live feed’ and likewise, do not understand this new ‘Top news’ and ‘Recent News’ and i always seem to be missing all the important status updates from my friends. It’s all very confusing, FACEBOOK, STOP MESSING ABOUT!

  • I have four children on face book and when i want to loggin I have to completely log off because there is no where to log out now.I hate this new layout. Want old one back please!

  • Tammi

    It looks nice and should be easy to use. Unfortunately they are getting a failing grade from me for the following reasons:
    1. Filtering updates with what they think I want to see.
    2. OLD status updates, sometimes days old.
    3. Moving the often used lists tab.
    They are slowing driving me away and I have gotten a lot out of Facebook in the past six months (personal and business). They are making the site unusable for me. I want the ability to see what my friends are doing and comment on their lives. It is hardly a social site anymore if I have lost the ability to keep abreast of current information from ALL of my friends.

  • rmbuck

    The news feeds are what I hate. I used to be able to read what my friends posted. Now it is not updated for hours, my friends are posting and I don’t get to read what they are saying and there is no order. I went to the help center and reported it as a suggestion. Nowhere to complain. They say they are using an algorithm to determine what we see. I selected all my friends as they suggested, but it still isn’t working correctly. Will not be using facebook as often as I did before, if it stays this way.

  • avengingwatcher

    There’s a few nice things but it’s mostly horrible. It’s not a style thing for me either, it’s flat out usability. It’s near unusable as an app launcher, I don’t want to have to go back to the home page every time I want to use a new app. What is this 1990? The app bar was extremely useful. They also moved the ability to sort via lists away from the front page. Why would you give lists and then then bury the feature 2 extra clicks into the page, it’s not like it’s a feature people only use sporadically. What they could have done is bury the chat box into the front page and have it be a pop out, or…they could have done the right things and left the lay out alone. There was no massive uproar about the layout. It worked. It seems like they do things to drive away customers and users.

  • Samurai Mom

    I don’t mind the layout but the news feed isn’t working correctly. My Most recent feed will show nothing four hours, meanwhile my friends are posting and I am not reading anything