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Intel Tukwila / Itanium 9300 processor family: Officially Announced

Although Intel are well-known for their desktop and notebook processors they also offer solutions for high-end servers, they have recently announced a new processor family.

This new processor family is called the Itanium 9300 processor family, previously this family was code-named Tukwila, these processors will be used in “corporate servers and data centers”.

This processor family will feature four cores, each of which can execute eight threads when using Intel Hyper-Threading technology, not only this but they will offer up to “800% more interconnected bandwidth”.

These new Itanium 9300 series processors will range in pricing dramatically, the starting price should be $946 anywhere up to $3,838 when purchased in quantities of 1000, Intel will begin shipping these chips within the next 90 days.

Source: SlashGear



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