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Gran Turismo Vs Forza Motorsport: No contest according to figures

While the ongoing tussle between Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport will continue up until the release of GT5, we have found an interesting article which indicates that the Gran Turismo franchise is actually miles ahead of Forza in sales, even though Microsoft insist that Forza Motorsport is right up there alongside GT.

Take a look at this article we have found over at, it’s quite an interesting read if you are a fan of both series. It comes after Gran Turismo makers Polyphony Digital recently announced lifetime sales for their long-running series.

It turns out that since the original PS1 title was released 13 years ago, over 55 million copies of GT games have been sold up until now, compared to all three Forza games by Microsoft, which has only sold 10 million combined.

To rub salt in the wound further, also point out that Gran Turismo for PSP, the handheld offering of GT, has already outsold the original Forza on the Xbox, with 1.8 million copies so far.

What do you make of these latest figures?



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