Google’s Social Media Strategy: Buzz

By Jamie Pert - Feb 9, 2010

Google are famous for wanting their hands in as many pots as possible, in recent times they have launched an Internet browser and a mobile operating system, now it seems as if they are looking to impact the social networking market.

Recent times have shown that Social media is the future, Twitter has shown how something so simple can really help the user. Now Google Buzz wants to tie-in with Gmail, and make your social life that make easier.

From what we can see Google Buzz will integrate the Gmail interface with media-sharing technology and status updates, their hope is that social networking fans will then spend more time on Google’s sites instead of Twiiter and Facebook etc.

Google Buzz will apparently use their PageRank and quality score concepts to organize social media, this is something that neither Facebook and Twitter offer, therefore in affect this is Google’s niche.

Personally I kind of like checking other sites instead of having everything integrated into one site, therefore I don’t think I will be a fan of Google Buzz.

For a lot more information regarding Google Buzz check out Cnet’s article, this includes a concept image.

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