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Google Nexus One: Early Termination Fee (ETF) Reduced

Back in early January we looked into the pretty shocking early termination fees which were associated with the Google Nexus One, we are now hearing that these ETFs have been slashed.

This slash in ETFs is apparently the result of a recent FCC inquiry, prior to this the ETF was $350, however now it is apparently just $150.

This ETF was what you would have to pay Google, you would also have to pay your choice of carrier an ETF too, currently T-Mobile’s ETF is $200.

The ETF is not the only thing that has been slashed, if you already have a T-Mobile contract upgrading to the Google Nexus One will cost you just $50, prior to this it would have cost you $250.

Some Google Nexus One customers were frustrated with the fact customer service etc had no phone service, instead contact via email was required, however Google have now launched a Hotline.

Source: TG Daily



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