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Google Buzz: Video shown during press conference

Some exciting news to bring you now as Google just unveiled a brand new social networking service called ‘ Buzz’. It was revealed in a recent press conference and aims to take on Facebook and Twitter for the best social experience crown.

If you head over to Mashable, you will be able to see the official two minute video demo, letting you see what Buzz is all about. The main feature of the service, is that it will be integrated into your Gmail account and will allow you to share photos, videos and status updates with the people you talk to the most.

Google has stated that Buzz will be rolled out to everyone immediately (i.e throughout this week), while the service will also be available on Android handsets, as well as the Apple iPhone.

Expect to read more about Google Buzz once we know what the service is really capable of. Let us know your intial reaction to Google Buzz by leaving us a comment below.



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