Bigger Apple iPhone 4G: Is that ok with you?

Following on from our earlier post, which showed you the rumored pictures of the upcoming iPhone 4G, but more importantly a bigger model than the current iPhone 3GS, we would like to know if you welcome the idea of a bigger iPhone or not.

If you are yet to see the ‘unofficial’ pictures of the iPhone 4g, you can do so in our previous post here. Over at TechTree, they have talked about the slightly bigger screen and reflective display in a bit more detail.

They also believe that Apple will choose to go down the AMOLED route with the fourth-generation model, but we are still intrigued with the idea of Apple choosing a ‘bigger’ option, rather than a smaller, stylish option to ‘go with the times’ if you like.

Would you welcome a bigger iPhone model or not? Vote in our poll below and give us your reasons for your decision.

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