Windows Phone 7: Leaked Details, No Multitasking

By Jamie Pert - Feb 8, 2010

One constant criticism for Apple’s iPhone has been that the OS does not allow multitasking, this is also the case with the recently unveiled Apple iPad.

Some details regarding Windows Phone 7 OS have leaked on SlashGear, most of the leaked details are positive, however surprisingly there seems be no multitasking.

The drawbacks from not offering multitasking in my opinion far outweigh the benefits, whilst it is good for battery life it in my opinion strongly restricts the devices functionality.

It is thought that Windows Phone 7 will debut at the ‘Mobile World Congress 2010’ which takes place pretty soon, although it seems as if the OS is still not finished it is at least ‘taking shape’.

Other details regarding the OS are still unconfirmed, however there is talk of an updated user interface with is apparently codenamed “METRO”, this is apparently borrowed from the Zune platform.

Finally there is said to be integration of both the Zune and Xbox 360, exactly what will synchronize between the OS and these devices is currently unknown, however there should be access to your Xbox 360 gamertag, achievements and friends, for more details check out SlashGear.

Will the lack of multitasking put you off Windows Phone 7 devices?

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  • Jason

    Everything we’ve heard, including the lack of multitasking and the lack of side-loading, is hearsay–rumors. Fact is, no one outside M$ really knows how WinMo 7 will act, or even what it’ll look like. We don’t even know if it’ll be branded Windows Mobile or Windows Phone.

    I’ll wait until next week to see, and take all the rumors I hear with a grain of salt.

  • Karin

    Worse than the lack of multi-tasking is the news that side-loading of applications will be prohibited.

    You won’t be able to download an application from a software vendor and load it into your phone via the memory card (as you can today).

    Instead, reports say that Windows Mobile 7 will be a closed platform, and you’ll only be able to install apps via Microsoft’s own Marketplace app store. Of course, Microsoft will vet and approve what apps can be sold there.

    I think these issues will deter many people from using Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7.