Verizon iPhone fails to happen every year, why is 2010 different?

By Alan Ng - Feb 8, 2010

We are pretty sure that you have heard this all before, but we felt this was worth bringing up the point once again. While speculation continues to boil over a possible release, we are still ‘no closer’ to a Verizon iPhone release in 2010.

First of all, take a look at this interesting article that we have found over at iPhone hacks. It’s no different to the ongoing rumors that you have already heard about – analysts predicting that things will happen, with regards to AT&T, their exclusive rights on the iPhone, and whether or not their deal with Apple will be coming to an end this year.

There is all sorts of stats and figures for you to take onboard, but once again – no solid details about a release.

We would like to know your opinions on this. Do you think that we should finally put the Verizon iPhone rumors to bed and move on, or do you think that a release could still happen before the end of the year?

Fire away.

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  • kevin

    iphone who needs it we have the droid hat is verizon ok not iphone

  • Raython Bass

    Listen Everyone, the only logical explanation for the hesitation for a verizon iphone is because its not going to happen. We go thru this every year and we get the same result. People it doesnt makes sense to build a CDMA Iphone its about to be a dead technology. This is what is going to happen Steve Jobs likes to be first with everything if you look back in the past Iphone hired people to work with WIMAX, So sorry to inform everyone the next Iphone will be a 4G wimax sprint cell phone.

  • Jim

    Verizon iPhone Please!

    Please sign this petitiion. The goal is set high and it has just been created but any signatures would be appreciated. Only 1-2 minutes of you’re time and we could get the iPhone on verizon.

  • Jasmine

    I do am waiting until Verizon releases the iPhone. To be honest, I was debating on whether to leave Verizon for AT&T strictly because of the iPhone and then it was back to reality and I realized I would so much rather have outstanding coverage then not to outstanding. As far as coverage is concerned going to AT&T would be a downgrade! So yes, I’m still waiting, patiently waiting and I hope that we all see the iPhone with Verizon in 2010!! I can’t keep waiting like this though! I’m due for an upgrade in 2 months, but I will give it at least 7 before changing phones! Luckily my Samsung Omnia works perfect and I love it to death, or else I would have to let it go more sooner than later!

  • Jasmine

    I too am holding out on upgrading my cell phone with Verizon because I would love to have the iPhone! I am due for an upgrade in 2 months and I would love nothing more than to upgrade from my Samsung Omnia (I love it though!) to the iPhone. A part of me wants to keep on waiting for the iPhone, however I don’t think I can wait too much longer! I was so tempted to leave Verizon for AT&T (strictly because of the iPhone). That’s how much I want it, but after I thought long and hard, I decided to stay with Verizon because their coverage is outstanding and AT&T’s coverage is not! I will always be a Verizon customer and I hope the iPhone is released this year, 2010!!!!

  • I am one of those holding out, continuously. Although, after the announcement of the iPad and AT&T’s support, my hopes are dwindling. I think that if Apple were truly going to release the iPhone to other networks, we wouldn’t have seen a deal with AT&T and the iPad. I think that when Jobs stated AT&T was who the deal was with a tsunami of disappointment went through the millions of people who were hoping for the iPhone to come to other networks, particularly Verizon. I can’t say enough good things about the Verizon service and have never been impressed with anything AT&T. I’d say that perhaps a small bit of hope can be held on to through the end of 2nd quarter 2010, but if nothing comes by then…I’d say bury the rumor and speculation and analysts hopes.