Toyota Prius Update: May join recall list next week

At the moment Toyota have still not confirmed whether or not to recall some of their Priuses due to a break-related problem, however many sources believe that the recall could begin this week.

Although Toyota have not officially announced a recall it is looking pretty likely, they recently released a statement regarding this problem, this statement confirms that they are investigating a brake problem which seems to occur when traveling on bumpy surfaces.

If Toyota do recall models I’m sure a list of affected models will soon be released, it is thought that the recall will be world-wide, this is not what Toyota need given their recent accelerator pedal recall.

There is a possibility that Toyota will instead offer ‘voluntary repairs’, one source believes that a fix will be ‘software based’ and will just take 20-30 minutes to complete.

As we find out more about the possible recall we will keep you posted, for further details check out the TehranTimes.



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