Toyota Prius Recall: President and COO Facing Digg Users

If you have been following Toyota on Twitter you may have seen their latest tweet, it reads “Jim Lentz, President and COO of Toyota Motor Sales, USA, will answer @Digg community’s top questions:”, which is pretty self explanatory.

If you check out Digg at 2pm PST / 5pm EST the dialogg will be airing live, during this “Live Digg Dialogg” Lentz will be answering the community’s top questions, which no doubt will be surrounding the possible upcoming recall.

There are a few questions which will almost certainly be asked, these include “What do you drive?” and “When will Toyota start making hybrid cars that aren’t ugly as sin?”, there are over a thousand questions listed, a lot of which are more related to the recent accelerator recall and the possible brake-related issue.

What would you like to ask Jim Lentz?



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