Super Bowl 2010 Ads: Twitter and Facebook used by commercials

For the last 23 years Pepsi have always featured in the Super Bowl ads, however this year they have chosen not to pay millions of dollars for a 30 second slot.

Instead they are launching an “online social-networking campaign”, this will apparently allow customers two interact with the soft-drink giant.

It is thought that this campaign will deeply involve social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, other Super Bowl advertisers are also said to be incorporating social networking into this years ads.

Recently Budweiser set up a poll on their Facebook page, this poll allowed people to vote for which commercial Budweiser will show during the Super Bowl.

To be honest I do think times are changing, therefore spending $3 million on a 30-second advertising slot isn’t as valuable as it once was, having thousands of followers on Twitter is a great way of companies getting their latest products and deals etc known to a large market.

Source: SFGate



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