HDTV models with Vizio Internet Apps

By Alan Ng - Feb 8, 2010

Gadget lovers listen up, as Vizio has just announced three new flat panel HDTV’s with built-in internet capabilities. The new models will come equipped with 802.11n dual-band wireless and bluetooth, and will be first available from July, through to September.

As reported from GadgetoPhilia, the new models are the 55-inch VF552XVT, 47-inch SV472XVT and 42-inch SV422XVT respectively. Each will contain popular internet enabled apps such as Amazon On-Demand, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, Flickr,Yahoo TV and much more.

As you can see from the image above, the stylish bluetooth remote control also features a slide out QWERTY keyboard, so it will be very user-friendly when using the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

Interested in hearing more? You’ll find more details and pricing through the link.

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  • It's An Awesome Gadget I've Ever Saw… Thank's For This Useful Info…

  • Guest

    The TV is great but the apps are terrible. Where is Youtube, Hulu, Iheartradio, and a web browser?

  • About time there is a relatively inexpensive wifi tv. I just wish it was 3d ready.