Corsair Announced Two New SSD Series’: Nova and Reactor

By Jamie Pert - Feb 8, 2010

Corsair have recently announced two new SSD series’, these are the Nova and the Reactor series, both of which offer some pretty impressive specifications.

The Nova series are available in capacities of 64GB and 128GB, both of which come with 2-year warranties and a maximum read speed of 215Mbps, the 128GB model features a write speed of up to 195Mbps and the 64GB model features a maximum write speed of up to 130Mbps.

The Reactor series are available in either 60GB of 120GB capacities, both of which feature a maximum read speed of 250Mbps, the 120GB model will feature a write speed of 170Mbps whereas the 60GB model features a maximum write speed of 110Mbps.

Exact details regarding pricing are still not known, however a price of around $180 for the low capacity drives is expected, the higher capacity drives are expected to set you back nearer to $360, for details check out HotHardware.

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