BioShock 2 PS3 and Xbox 360: Review Roundup

By Jamie Pert - Feb 8, 2010

If you have been wondering whether or not to buy BioShock 2 when it is released tomorrow no doubt you will want to check out some reputable reviews. In this article we will link you to some detailed reviews and make you aware of good and bad points of the BioShock sequel.

The original BioShock for Xbox 360 scored a metascore of 96, at the moment BioShock 2 for the 360 has a metascore of 90. The original for PS3 scored a metascore of 94, BioShock 2 currently has a metascore of 91.

BioShock 2 is set around 10 years later than the previous game, apparently a monster has been snatching little girls and taking them to “the undersea city of Rapture”, I think you will agree that this sets up for a very interesting storyline.

‘PlayStation: The Official Magazine (US)’ state that “This is one of the best games you’ll ever play” and the “Official Xbox Magazine” state that “You will be utterly absorbed”.

For the Xbox 360 version be sure to check out IGN’s review and GamePlanet’s review, for the PS3 version be sure to check out IGN’s review and 3DJuegos’ review.

You can see a collection of BioShock 2 reviews for Xbox 360 here, and a collection of BioShock 2 reviews for PS3 here.

All in all scoring a metascore of 90/91 proves that the game is a huge success, it is not a unique game, however it does improve on the solid foundations set by the original BioShock.

Will you be buying this game?

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  • Drew

    I really hope they put a pause menu for weapon selection in the pc version of the game because its particularly frustrating on hard to get to your camera out to snap a picture or switch to a different weapon fast enough. A patch would save my life 😉

  • steve

    Brought the xbox360 version on release day and had a bug where the first little sister you adopt vanished after defeating the first big daddy.Because i disabled the vita chambers and was manually saving i had to restart the game from the beginning with the little sister not vanishing on the second play through.As the game progressed i had freezing problems leaving me with a blank black screen in skid row when the game become busy with lots enemys on screen at once causing me to have to restart my xbox360.I also noticed a lot of screen tearing and slow down compared to the original plus the graphics and textures also seem more bland and blocky.

    Today im going to part exchange the xbox360 version for the ps3 as i remember the original bioshock having better lighting and less slowdown and screen tearing on the ps3.

    Great game though easily as enjoyable and as addictive as the first just a shame the xbox360 ports buggy and subpar to the ps3 and pc versions.

  • Mark

    Metacritic is clearly meaningless, when it surveys aload of American fanyboys.

    Early comparisions are showing the PS3 and PC versions to have substantially better textures and lighting than the Xbox version, and the PS3 version by far has the quickest of the console load times.