AT&T’s iPhone 3GS vs. Verizon’s Palm Pre Plus: Video

By Peter Chubb - Feb 8, 2010

When is comes to handsets, Verizon could certainly do with a few more decent smartphones. They still do not have the Apple iPhone 3GS, but they do have the Motorola Droid and now they have the Palm Pre Plus. This is not exactly what users what, but at least it is one more choice for them.

While doing some digging, we found that Phones Review located a video on YouTube that puts these two smartphones side-by-side. It does seem unfair to compare the Pre Plus to the iPhone 3GS as the latter has set the standard when it comes to cell phones.

The original Palm Pre had been pitted against the iPhone 3G when it was first launched, but that go blown out of the water with the launch of the 3GS version. The Pre Plus has seen a minor upgrade, nothing that will help it worry Apple.

There have already been a number of videos of both these phones, but this particle one lasts for just over 24 minutes. When viewing the video both handsets have been put through a series of test, comparing browser speed, navigation, applications and much more.

View the video below and let us know what you thought of the results, nit that they came as any surprise.

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  • HCH838

    Well I would like some advice. I currently am in the UK and already own an iPhone. However I have been looking at the palm pre plus to see if it’s any good compared to the 3G or even the iPhone 4. What are your thought please???

  • ken

    yeh, the palm pre plus is now FREE and is on available on Verizon, the best Network… The iPhone costs as much as a cheap laptop and is on a crummy network… Honest who CARES about the speed of games on your TELEPHONE ???

  • APB

    After watching the video it still looks like the iPhone is better than the Pre Plus minus the cost. Closing one app and opening a new one was faster on he iPhone than leaving one open on the Pre and opening another. Plus the iPhone seems to have more apps for less money than ones available for the Palm OS.

    I am looking for a new smartphone and I have been doing some research on both. I am still torn because the iPhone seems better and better keyboarding and apps features but the Pre Plus is $50 cheaper. Any comments to help sway me one way or the other?

  • As a new user of the Palm Pre PLus, I must say that it is a fine phone and much better than my iPhone. My boyfriend really likes it alot and it's easier to syncronize our busy schedules to make sure that we can spend the most time together.

  • ojil

    Agree the pre comes out cheaper and better.

  • tech

    Yeah, I don’t think Chubb watched the video. He gave the Pre Plus high marks across the board. This phone could take off with a little marketing.

  • MauiRE

    Wow, great and deligent useful comparisons. Thank You!!!

  • mm

    Hey Chubby apple fan boy this video pretty much say there are equal with the exception of the app and multitasking. The palm win hands down because of the slick UI and multitasking. It out iphone the iphone

  • smartfone

    The Palm Pre Plus clearly has more features than the iPhone 3Gs. iPhone 3Gs is falling behind…what’s up with that?