2010 Super Bowl Commercials: Ads tracked online by USA Today

By Daniel Chubb - Feb 7, 2010

Do you like to watch the Super Bowl commercials? In 2010 the ads will be tracked online by USA Today, just like they did in 2009. USA Today’s Ad Meter will track ads during Super Bowl XLIV, and how a panel of viewers responds to those ads.

The Super Bowl ads are then ranked from best to worst, and you can view the results online thanks to USA Today’s Ad Meter. This lets you watch the responses from the panel, and lets you rate the ads yourself.

2010 will see a few changes with USA Today’s Ad Meter; one of the best is the real-time ratings during Super Bowl XLIV. Last year the results were shown on the Monday following the game, so this is great improvement. The panel responses will be shown second-by-second.

Visit this page on USA Today to see the new 2010 USA Today Ad Meter. Will you use it during the 2010 Super Bowl?

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  • i definately seen better ads in other superbowls than these.
    And why didnt they have a better band than those hasbeens they couldnt even sing on key. They Sucked big time why not Garth Brooks or somebody besides WHO?