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Verizon iPhone: New 4G device or firmware update?

There has been some confusion about the new iPhone 4G, and more specifically a Verizon iPhone. Some people wonder if Apple will release a new chip for the next-generation iPhone that will support both an AT&T and Verizon in one iPhone device.

Will a new Verizon iPhone mean a firmware update or new device needed? This is a question on some readers’ minds, they do not want to spend out on a new device just to get Verizon but that’s just what might be needed. Would you buy a new iPhone to switch providers?

Last month it was reported that Apple had made a deal with chipmaker, Qualcomm. This deal – if true – would mean Qualcomm would be making an EV-DO chip for the Verizon CDMA iPhone. That would mean Apple was not able to make a chip that could combine both CDMA / GSM wireless technologies, and could see two devices released in the future.

Verizon iPhone: New 4G device or firmware update? With this in mind, the new iPhone 4G would mean the need to buy a new handset if Verizon Wireless manage to get the iPhone. Thoughts anyone?



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