Verizon iPhone: New 4G device or firmware update?

By Daniel Chubb - Feb 6, 2010

There has been some confusion about the new iPhone 4G, and more specifically a Verizon iPhone. Some people wonder if Apple will release a new chip for the next-generation iPhone that will support both an AT&T and Verizon in one iPhone device.

Will a new Verizon iPhone mean a firmware update or new device needed? This is a question on some readers’ minds, they do not want to spend out on a new device just to get Verizon but that’s just what might be needed. Would you buy a new iPhone to switch providers?

Last month it was reported that Apple had made a deal with chipmaker, Qualcomm. This deal – if true – would mean Qualcomm would be making an EV-DO chip for the Verizon CDMA iPhone. That would mean Apple was not able to make a chip that could combine both CDMA / GSM wireless technologies, and could see two devices released in the future.

Verizon iPhone: New 4G device or firmware update? With this in mind, the new iPhone 4G would mean the need to buy a new handset if Verizon Wireless manage to get the iPhone. Thoughts anyone?

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  • Charles

    At&T Sucks on service coverage. I was with verizon for 8 years and I did have some drop calls but not as much on AT&T coverage. The reason I switch from Verizon to AT&T last year because verizon wouldn't drop there coverage price on the unlimited data and call plan. The price back than was $150 per month. With AT&T it was $99 per month, so yea I switch to save money, but now I regret it because of so many drop calls in KS, in CA, I even took my Iphone 3GS back and replaced it, still sucks.

  • Katz

    AT&T is awesome , I get service every where , I also have verizon I get dropped calls and can’t talk in my house. I live in NY. AT&T & the iPhone : ). Verizon sucks

  • Kathy

    AT&T is awesome , I get service every where , I also have verizon I get dropped calls and can’t talk in my house. I live in NY. AT&T & the iPhone : )

  • Geoff

    Well what would be the point of having an iphone on verizons network which u cant even talk and use data at the same time. Apples sticking with att for a while so dont get your hopes up, especially with the upcoming iphone release. I have att here in tampa and ive always got 5bars and 3G. I work in a hospital and always have full services even in elevators while i have coworkers with verizon etc and they always only have a bar or 2 and usually have to go outside to talk on the phone. I also believe that its been proven that Att 3G is faster than verizons data service but verizon has more coverage. Att will get there

  • Franklin

    Verizon doesn't have the iPhone yet because Apple wants too much control.
    hopefully they can agree on this issue before apple signs a
    new contract with AT&T. I would love to have an iPhone but everyone I talk to says AT&T sucks and I'm not changing providers so I can get worse service. I'll just stick with verizon

  • Kelsey

    i wished verizon would come out with an iphone so i dont have to switch services just because at&t has the i phones

  • blacklisted

    I would pay the rediculous cost of an iphone all over again just to switch back to Verizon. AT&T is absolutely awful on pretty much every regard. LAST COMPANY IN THE WORLD TO ENABLE TETHERING FOR THE IPHONE.

  • darkmind1976

    This is the only reason i havent switched back to ATT. I love VZW because their network is more reliable than ATT. And they have better phones and better deals.

  • Pete Shaw

    VZ already has a good CDMA/GSM phone in the Storm2. So, why couldn’t Apple make one just as easily? I don’t think iPhone people would like a CDMA-only phone. I, for one, am waiting for and would want a CDMA/GSM iPhone on VZ.