Toyota Prius, recall list, and the 2010 Oscars

By Daniel Chubb - Feb 6, 2010

The Toyota recall list has been the focus of many Toyota car owners checking to see if their model of car has made the list, and while the Toyota Prius is being investigated by the US Transportation Department, it’s not been recalled yet.

Hollywood is known for scandal, and it’s still in love with the Prius. Tree-hugging celebrities like Rob Reiner, David Duchovny, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Cameron Diaz have loved the Prius for a long time. Toyota’s image has improved thanks to these celebrities, as they swap Rolls-Royces and Jaguars for an icon of green design.

According to Reuters, entertainment industry figures are happy to keep the new Prius models on the red carpet, even after the investigation into braking problems. Global Green USA is one company that provides limos for celebrities, and they plan to keep the Toyota Prius in their line-up for the 2010 Oscars.

Do you love the Toyota Prius? What are your thoughts on the investigation into Prius brake problems, and celebrities’ love of the green vehicle?

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  • I bought my Prius for a few reasons: saving $/gas, going green and I really didnt need a truck at the time. It was almost like clockwork…at exactly 10K miles the car started getting lower and lower mpg. I was honestly averaging between 50-60mpg. After my second oil change the car started lowering daily! It started at about 48 and stopped at 38mpg when I took it to the dealership for the second time. The only explanation they could give was that I was using cheap gas, and this is what caused the 20mpg drop. The dealership reset the computer and said that could be the problem as well. I hope this works, or else I need my money back. I could have easily purchased a Civic and gotten the same gas mileage, not to mention a $15K less price tag. If you are experiencing the same issues, please fill out a complaint with