Pegatron In 2010: New iPhone 4G, Natal Xbox 360, and LCD TVs

We have heard rumors before about Foxconn Electronics, and the new iPhone 4G that is expected summer 2010 but today we get more details on another company. DigiTimes reported a few days ago that Pegatron Technology had also landed a contract for the 2010 iPhone.

These companies cannot comment directly on their partnerships with Apple, but rumors like this do tend to lead to more details on a next-generation iPhone. In the past this has included orders by these companies for parts that have ended up being part of the new iPhone they help produce.

Apple’s current iPhones (3GS and 3G) are manufactured by Foxconn Electronics, so if true, Pegatron will be joining them in the production of the new iPhone for 2010. Pegatron has already said that it expects its handset shipments to increase “substantially” this year, but it did declined to comment on this recent rumor.

It’s not just phones that Pegatron manufactures, they also produce LCD TVs, and just secured a deal with Microsoft for the production of Xbox 360’s “Project Natal”. Are you looking forward to the new Apple iPhone and Project Natal on Xbox 360?



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