HTC Imagio on Verizon: iPhone comparison

By Daniel Chubb - Feb 6, 2010

Currently there is no Verizon iPhone, and it’s amazing how many people will wait for an iPhone on Verizon Wireless before buying one. There are other Smartphones on Verizon that compete well with the iPhone, and not all of these are new phones either.

The HTC Imagio and BlackBerry Storm 2 are on Verizon, both compete well against the Apple iPhone. Palm’s popular webOS is worth considering, and phones that run this include the Palm Pixi Plus and Palm Pre Plus. You can view a good article on, which looks at Verizon’s best Smartphones.

Let’s take a closer look at the HTC Imagio. One blog writer (Frey) spent a whole day with the HTC Imagio, and compared it to the iPhone throughout. See their “Day with Verizon’s HTC Imagio” here.

If your looking for a new phone, will you wait until Steve Jobs makes a decision on the Verizon iPhone? How do you think the HTC Imagio compares to the iPhone?

Read the CNet reviews for both phones: HTC Imagio review and iPhone 3GS review.

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  • matt

    the imagio blows!!!! not even in the same league as the iphone. also windows is terrible and hard to use!

    • Roger

      I use the Imagio every day; several colleagues at work have iphones. There are many times (especially when traveling) when I have service and they do not. Further, it is much better at multimedia files than the iphone. For productivity apps such as calculators, GPS, etc. they are about equal. The iphone is better with the app store (a central place to find software), and has a wider variety of games. Your blanket statement from above is simply not true.