Will Apple iPad and iPhone 4G fail without flash?

By Jamie Pert - Feb 5, 2010

When Apple recently unveiled the iPad there were a lot of people frustrated with the lack of Flash, this is because Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs is backing HTML5 instead of flash.

Another Apple device which does not support flash is Apple’s iPhone (all generations), many people are now questioning whether this is in Apple’s best interests, or perhaps just a personal grudge against Flash from Jobs.

Jobs believes that Adobe’s Flash is buggy and he feels that Flashmakers are lazy, however apparently 85% of top websites are said to use Flash.

Personally I feel that Apple should support Flash until HTML 5 really becomes a widely-used standard, I believe that Jobs’ decision is now more ‘out of principle’ then a decision which has Apple’s best interests in mind.

Do you think Apple should support Flash?

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  • Sri

    Flash eats all your resources in a flash.. Hated it.

  • Aaron

    It’s too bad so many people think that Apple produces such awesome products. Back in the day they did, Steve W is a cool guy Steve J is not and unfortunately he runs Apple now. I personally now stay away from Apple products because of the attitude Jobs has. My WinMo phone has flash support, oh BTW it never crashes and runs flawlessly and has millions of apps(sure not all are finger friendly but I actually enjoy using the stylus from time to time).

  • Eduardo

    The problem is Steve Jobs fears Flash developers would steal much of the market of their App Regime, or as he likes to call it, Store. Because then everyone would be able to develop Apps for the iPhone, and not go thru Apple to sell them. I can see why he doesn’t like the idea of Flash.

  • Aakash

    yes may b the next gen iphone will fail as there are other competitive devices which have a richer web browsing experience so iphone would not hold the monopoly for long

    steve jobs should stop hating flash and he should ask adobe to develop it for iphone with some ristrictions

  • Ha Ha

    Stop buying apple products that don’t support flash. A bit of self restraint could go a long way.

  • Bill Birchall

    As the owner of an iPhone 3GS I am very frustrated that on a number of occasions, I am unable to view videos because of the lack of Flash. I totally endorse the view that until something better comes along, Apple should use Flash. I know that Apple sets very high standards, but it does seem to me that if 85% of top websites use Flash then Apple is seriously missing a trick by not allowing maximum use from those websites. A final comment is that Flash is not produced by some fly by night outfit. Adobe is a very well respected company and Apple should get off it’s high horse!