Superbowl 2010: Themes for BlackBerry

By Jamie Pert - Feb 5, 2010

In just two-days time the Superbowl between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts will take place, to tie in with this massive sports event Airborne Mobile have released two very fittings themes for BlackBerry handsets.

One of the themes has a white and blue design and features the Indianapolis Colts’ badge, the other theme has a black and gold design and features a New Orleans Saints helmet.

Both themes should be compatible with most BlackBerry handsets, such as the BlackBerry 8300, the BlackBerry 8900, BlackBerry 9000 and the BlackBerry 9500. You can see a full list of compatible handsets on the App World links below.

You can purchase the Indianapolis Colts Theme for BlackBerry here and the New Orleans Saints Theme for BlackBerry here, both will cost you $5.99 each.

Soure: IntoMobile

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