Mass Effect 2 DLC Codes: Xbox 360 owners get free, sell high

By Jamie Pert - Feb 5, 2010

As your probably aware Mass Effect 2’s developers released DLC codes for Terminus, Inferno, and the Collector’s Edition Armor, these DLC codes were released for free, however are being sold on eBay.

Prices for the DLC codes are at around $20 on eBay, this is particularly surprising given that DLC codes come free with the purchase of Mass Effect 2.

Personally I think if people are happy enough to purchase the content its entirely their choice, lets face it one mans trash is another mans treasure.

Mass Effect 2 has proven to be a very popular game, the Xbox 360 version of the game scored a metascore of 96 on metacritic, however some people believe that the PC version is far superior to the Xbox 360 version.

At one point (January 25th) DLC accidentally leaked onto the Xbox Live Marketplace, this allowed many to download purchasable content for free, however this was soon corrected.

To find out more about people selling-on DLC codes check out JushPushStart’s article.

Would you purchase DLC which people have received for free?

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  • Morrison

    I have bought DLC codes for several games through eBay, just because i dont want to pre order some games, These codes sometimes sell for just 5USD up to 15USD a code, then i wait for the game to be really cheap and i got the pre order bonus with a cheap game… better then pre ordering a game for 60 bucks or more just for the DLC

  • TeriyakiMadne55

    Yeah, someone may have gotten these codes for free at one time, but the fact is, if you weren't one of those people, there's no other way for you to obtain them now. So, I don't really understand the angle of your post. Obviously, people are going to pay a premium on a limited edition item that only a few people have. It's not cool to make the seller feel guilty for offering this unique service, and it's doubly not cool to make the buyer feel stupid for coveting this unique item. The way I see it, it's Bioware's mis-step. What they should do, and if there's smart they eventually will, is release these items as DLC through the xbox marketplace. That way, they can squash the inflated ebay market while providing DLC that fans will obviously pay for, and, in the end, make a few extra bucks on the side. And by the way, the Collector amor and rifle code were only made available through the Collector'e Edition of the game. So, it wasn't really free.