Is a 2011 Verizon iPhone worth the wait?

By Jamie Pert - Feb 5, 2010

Yesterday we posted an article which suggested that a Verizon iPhone is not likely until perhaps mid-2011, with such advances in handsets from manufacturers such as Motorola, RIM, Nokia and HTC it makes you wonder whether it will be worth the wait.

Recently we have seen strong competitors to Apple’s iPhone such as the Motorola Droid and HTC’s Google Nexus One, these handsets outdo the iPhone in many aspects, however the iPhone 3GS is still regarded by many as the best smartphone on the market.

No doubt Apple’s next iPhone will have far superior hardware than the 3GS, however whether this will be far superior to competitive devices at the time is hard to say.

I beleieve that many handset manufacturrs are on par with Apple’s build quality and intuitive OS, therefore it makes you wonder whether a future iPhone will have significant benefits for Verizon in 2011.

AT&T have recently pledged to improve their network throughout 2010, therefore if they get things right their network could almost be at the same standard as Verizon’s by early 2011, if customers are then happy with AT&T’s network I’m sure that the switch to Verizon will not be as popular as it would be if Verizon released an iPhone today.

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  • Pete Shaw

    I think that Apple is working hard behind closed doors to get the iPhone in June of this year. Sadly, both Apple and Vz are both too greedy to just split the goldmine. Maybe Apple thinks that AT&T can get its system updated to handle the iPhone. Also, I just found out that the AT&T “unlimited data” now means 5GB limit (in the fine print). There are some iPhone nuts who download 24/7, and that makes it hard for everyone else. Why can’t everyone just be reasonable, then we could all enjoy an iPhone?