Prius Brake Problem: Are You Affected?

By Jamie Pert - Feb 4, 2010

Yesterday we reported that Toyota were experiencing brake-related problems on some of the Prius models, we are now hearing that Toyota may have to recall affected models.

Toyota recently announced on Twitter that “Toyota hasn’t announced a Prius brake issue recall at this time. But Toyota is aware NHTSA has opened a prelim eval”,

The NTSHA elaborates on this news on their official website, you can see their full statement here, however to cut a long story short they have “announced it is opening a formal investigation of the Toyota Prius Hybrid model year 2010 to look into allegations of momentary loss of braking capability while traveling over an uneven road surface, pothole or bump”, apparently so far there has been 124 reports of the issue, four of which resulted in crashes.

Toyota have official released a statement regarding the issue, this can be seen here. They are quick to state that this problem is not any way related their previous recalls, such as the “floor mat entrapment recall” or the “stick pedal recall”.

As Toyota release more information regarding the brake issue we will keep you posted.

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  • Failure/loss of braking capability in the Toyota series predates the current confession by Toyota that there is a problem with their brakes.
    I bought a new Toyota Corolla in 1999. 3 weeks after my 1sst MOT in 2002, while I was driving down a steep hillon a dry bright day, my brakes failed. I found myself being hurled towards a large roundabout in front of me. I was extremely terrified and had to swerve very quickly to try and avoid the roundabout. In so doing my car somersaulted. My carwas written off and I was very lucky to escape with my life. Unfortunately my insurance was with Toyota Insurance–they deniedmy car has any brake problems even though I told them repeatedly, I don’t think they even checked my car for this reported fault. It would have cost them a lot more in settlement if they had. I an willing to provide this information to who ever requires it. Are there any other people who have had brake problems predating the current admissin of brake failure? Dr Opal