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New Verizon iPhone In 2011 at least, says Credit Suisse analyst

All of the Verizon iPhone rumors are beginning to take their toll on me, however we have now heard further information regarding the release if the highly-rumored handset.

A Credit Suisse analyst called Jonathan Chaplin suggests that their will be no Verizon Wireless iPhone until mid-2011, he believes that AT&T will keep exclusivity of the iPhone for between 12 and 18 more months.

He also suggests that when this exclusivity ends it will have a “profound impact for Apple, the carriers and the other handset OEMs”, prior to this Chaplin believed that AT&T’s exclusivity would end in mid-2010.

Chaplin goes into a lot more detail into AT&T, Verizon and Apple’s future, you can find out full details by checking out Barron’s blog.



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