Aliens vs Predator Demo: Available for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC Today

By Jamie Pert - Feb 4, 2010

The long awaited multiplayer demo for Alien vs Predator will be available today, I was lucky enough to play a multiplayer demo of the game in 2009 at the Eurogamer EXPO, I must say the game was very impressive and a completely unique experience for me.

The multiplayer mode has the look and feel of a standard first-person shooter, however as there is the choice between a Colonial Marine, Alien or Predator the gameplay can differ dramatically.

Each ‘race’ has different benefits, it has been a while since I played it, however from what I can remember playing as Predator allows you to go invisible and pounce upon enemies.

Playing as Alien allows you to walk on all surfaces, traveling as Alien can be quite disorientating as you can often be upside-down etc.

The demo will be available on Xbox Live, PSN and Steam for PC gamers today, the official release of the game will take place on February 16th in America and 19th of February in Europe.

Have you played the demo? Tell us what you think so in the comments section below.

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  • Dan

    There is a little delay yeah in finding the games, however remember it is a demo and not loads of people will be on. The controls are spot on, however i only played it on the xbox. It takes roughly 1 minute to find a game for me.

    Overall the game is very good, the graphics are good and also the gameplay too. I cant wait till its actually released, its a game deffenitaley on my list.

    Dont be disheartened by the 1 map and slow finding match timings. It is only a demo.

  • Peter

    I’ve played both the PC and Xbox versions. I found it to be the opposite of Nikk, it seemed to take forever to match-make on the PC! The mode on offer was Deathmatch so it was every man for himself. I play at night with my Dolby 5.1 headphones on and boy did I jump! A predator appearing out of nowhere and killing you sounded amazing. However, I was disappointed you cannot aim down the sights while playing as a Marine. But the pulse rifle sounded accurate and was fun to use. The controls handled beautifully for a FPS. The motion-tracker is also very good and builds tension when an enemy approaches. Playing as an Alien is fun too and you can sprint around the map at great speed (I only wish you could click once to sprint instead of having to hold it in). Although fun at first, the game quickly became stale for me. I know it a demo, but it just didn’t cut it for me to make this a vital purchase when so many good games are coming out at the moment. It would of been nice if they had included a single-player level. Maybe its one to pick up later on.

  • Drew

    I thought the demo was a blast, the Alien is my personal favorite just because I got used to the wall-walk really quickly and can really zoom around the map at terrific speeds dodging attacks and catching prey unawares. The predator controls are a little more complicated, but once you get the focus jump mechanic down it gets easier. Marine is frustratingly difficult to play because any hit sends you reeling and helpless to resist a grab and execute move. Even worse, you tend to spawn in the immediate proximity of opponents who then quickly dispatch you before you can even get your bearings.
    All around I’m not disappointed at all, I think the attack / counter mechanics are really novel additions to the franchise. I can’t wait for the full game so I can hone my skills better in single player before taking it back to the arena.

  • Nikk

    I’ve played both the PC and PS3 versions. The PS3 version takes forever to find a game, but runs smoothly during gameplay. The PC version connected almost instantly to a game and the graphics looked far sharper, but there was an unbelievable amount of lagging. Hopefully this will be fixed by the time the game comes out. The demo does come with a warning that it is only a “DEMO” and the it does not reflect the final product. But then why release such a sub-par demo. Overall the game is a lot of fun and will be worth buying.