Aliens vs Predator Demo: Available for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC Today

By Jamie Pert - Feb 4, 2010

The long awaited multiplayer demo for Alien vs Predator will be available today, I was lucky enough to play a multiplayer demo of the game in 2009 at the Eurogamer EXPO, I must say the game was very impressive and a completely unique experience for me.

The multiplayer mode has the look and feel of a standard first-person shooter, however as there is the choice between a Colonial Marine, Alien or Predator the gameplay can differ dramatically.

Each ‘race’ has different benefits, it has been a while since I played it, however from what I can remember playing as Predator allows you to go invisible and pounce upon enemies.

Playing as Alien allows you to walk on all surfaces, traveling as Alien can be quite disorientating as you can often be upside-down etc.

The demo will be available on Xbox Live, PSN and Steam for PC gamers today, the official release of the game will take place on February 16th in America and 19th of February in Europe.

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