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Verizon iPhone or 4G Release Date? Not official to Apple confirms

In the last few days we have posted information about a possible new iPhone 4G, which a prototype rumor started thanks to a new photograph. After Apple’s recent event and iPad’s unveil, we now know that an iPhone on Verizon Wireless in the very near future is unlikely.

We are seeing more rumors flying out than we have hot dinners, but it’s strange to see sites/blogs continuing to post strange and untrue titles. One blog (GAJ IT) has posted a title claiming “iPhone 4G Release Date Confirmed”, which leads you to think that there has been some sort of confirmation (totally untrue).

Verizon getting the iPhone or a 4G release date will never become official until Apple/Steve Jobs says so. It’s pretty obvious really, but the rumors are still interesting and many of them can turn out to be true but a release date is a long way away.

If you want the iPhone on Verizon then you may want to see some of the best Smartphones available to Verizon now, because you may have a long wait for a Verizon iPhone (Summer 2010 if your VERY lucky).



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