Verizon iPhone or 4G Release Date? Not official to Apple confirms

By Daniel Chubb - Feb 3, 2010

In the last few days we have posted information about a possible new iPhone 4G, which a prototype rumor started thanks to a new photograph. After Apple’s recent event and iPad’s unveil, we now know that an iPhone on Verizon Wireless in the very near future is unlikely.

We are seeing more rumors flying out than we have hot dinners, but it’s strange to see sites/blogs continuing to post strange and untrue titles. One blog (GAJ IT) has posted a title claiming “iPhone 4G Release Date Confirmed”, which leads you to think that there has been some sort of confirmation (totally untrue).

Verizon getting the iPhone or a 4G release date will never become official until Apple/Steve Jobs says so. It’s pretty obvious really, but the rumors are still interesting and many of them can turn out to be true but a release date is a long way away.

If you want the iPhone on Verizon then you may want to see some of the best Smartphones available to Verizon now, because you may have a long wait for a Verizon iPhone (Summer 2010 if your VERY lucky).

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  • Anonymous

    >iphone 4g
    >implying the iphone is 4g

  • I don’t know why google sent me to your site but I feel I should say I am now more or less fascinated by the posts you have patched together. How many years did it take to begin to get this many internet users hitting to your page? I am pretty darn to all this.

  • Fuhrer

    jews burn at high temperatures

  • Nick

    Ok so I just wanna say that I’ve had both verizon and AT&T and I’ve had both for the past 6 years AT&T for work but my verizon phone drops almost every call I have for longer than 3min and I have never dropped a call on AT&T idk if maybe it has something to do with the fact that AT&T bought out 3 of our local providers shortly after I got my phone from them but I’m ready to just drop verizon because their service is not what it’s all cracked up to be

  • craig

    The iphone is junk. There are so many other phones that verizon offers that are superior. i.e. android os. apple won’t let anyone service their phones but themselves which is why verizon probably won’t agree to have the iphone. I've heard from verizon employees that apple offered it verizon first but verizon declined for this very reason. verizon won’t jepordize their great customer service by having to transfer calls to apple for service on the phone. so iphone users….don’t hold your breath.

  • Oscar

    does apple know how much more customers they would get if they put the iphone on verizon.

    they will make millions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im too loyal to verizon to leave it to there rival, at&t.

  • lil boosie

    Verizon & AT&T sucks!!!! METRO PCS # 1 for only 29 bucks Unlimited bit that!!!!!! HA HA

  • lil boosie

    Verizon & AT&T sucks!!!! METRO PCS # 1 for only 29 bucks Unlimited bit that!!!!!! HA HA

  • Tim

    Verizon wanted full control over distributing, advertising & wanted to brand the iPhone as a Verizon product, Apple said no. Deal over. Notice the AT&T logo is not on the iPhone. Verizon & AT&T plans mirror each other with exception to "rollover minutes" which was a Cingular service that AT&T decided to keep, so no credit can be given to AT&T there…Finally, AT&T has Luke Wilson, Verizon has the voice of Darth Vader! Maybe Luke is his son…?

  • Charlie

    I just went to two Verizon stores and the Verizon managers who worked at both places have confirmed that a Apple "phone" product will be coming to Verizon in summer of 2010.

  • Jane

    It would be amazing if verizon got the Iphone. I live in the middle of nowhere and my sisters boyfriend has at&t, to get service he has to stand on a table outside or in the middle of the road. I almost got a droid but I was to disappointed when I went and checked it out in the store so I guess I'll just wait and hope something happens soon.

  • Marcia

    It isn't right that if it's true that APPLE'S contract with AT&T has ended that Steve not let Verizon sell this phone. We were promised that at end of contract it would be available to us at Verizon. I have AT&T as my landline & Internet but Verizon for cell as AT&T's coverage in Ct. especially Fairfield County towns along the Merritt, like New Canaan, Stamford, Parts of Greenwich and Hartford County is all but non existent for all but texts.. One must all but get up on the roof outside to make a call…

    • mario

      you hot!!! sup with ur number?

  • Marcia

    It isn't right that if it's true that APPLE'S contract with AT&T has ended that Steve not let Verizon sell this phone. We were promised that at end of contract it would be available to us at Verizon. I have AT&T as my landline & Internet but Verizon for cell as AT&T's coverage in Ct. especially Fairfield County towns along the Merritt, like New Canaan, Stamford, Parts of Greenwich and Hartford County is all but non existent for all but texts.. One must all but get up on the roof outside to make a call…
    I have to keep Verizon living in Both Greenwich and Htfd. County..
    Make the phone available at Verizon Steve or are you in the present administrations pocket as well.
    This is getting ridiculous.. let us buy a phone with the cell service that works best period!! Make a different model for Verizon, I don't care but to promise delivery as of last OCT. and not to have it by March 10 is so so wrong.. GIVE VERIZON customers the oportunity to purchase the I phone as Verizon is the best, less dropped calls carrier we have in the EAST not to mention customer Friendly.. For the love of God, I can't, am not allowed to put the hundreds of i-tune songs I've bought on line into my Verizon cell… This is just so wrong. HELP..

  • Eric

    Verizon might have better 3g coverage but Verizon’s speed is absolutely horrible. And boy to mention, verizon’s plans suck. They don’t offer anything. AT&T has rollover minutes, sprint has unlimited mobile to any mobile. What does verizon have?? Nothing but expensive plans.

  • Jeremy

    I use verizon… i have never had dropped calls. Excellent service! i do want the iphone but i will definitely wait. Also the whole thing with not being able to surf the web and talk at the same on the verizon network is not true. Some phones cant do it but the motorola droid does. I figured this out when using my girlfriends droid last week. Verizon has far superior service!

    • Marcia

      YES, it does, all my friends with i-phones here in Greenwich, New Canaan, Stamford can barely make calls.. we were promised the i-phone would be available at VERIZON by Oct. 09 after AT&T's contract ended with them. I've been waiting and waiting to upgrade so that I could get my dang music from i=tunes into my mobile…

    • Oscar

      wait dude, if i buy the iphone with at&t and in the summer the iphone comes to verizon, can i just switch my plans or do i have to buy a whole new iphone

      • Juanita

        you don't have to buy a new phone but you will have to pay to get out of your contract with at&t and pay to get in with verizon with a new two year contract.

  • Jill

    Last line of your article…"If YOUR very lucky". Nice grammar skills Daniel Chubb. It should be, If YOU'RE very lucky.

  • Ashley

    I myself have been a Verizon customer practially since cell phones were invented. I would never leave. However The I do own as Ipod touch as well. My husband and I have been awaiting the arrivial of the beloved Iphone and will be first in line when it does finally come out (and sometime it will) And to the previous post about AT&T being so wonderful because you can page through the stuff so fast, I pose this question: how fast are you paging through ANYTHING if you do not have any 3G coverage??? If you have listened to the new at&t and Verizon commericals you will little but a one word differance. the words that are interchanged in the commericals are FASTER/LARGER. so GREAT for you AT&T you can get your download SUPERDUPER fast but I'll take my (mere seconds) slower download EVERYWHERE! as opposed to AT&T where I can only get it in someplaces. But nice try.

  • phoneprincess

    I went to verizon n said I was waiting for the iphone to come out n he said dont hold ur breath it wont be out until next year.

  • martin

    The problem with verizon is that its run by bunch of squares. They take great pride in their reliable network which is really good but its the only thing that they have. Their phone selection is boring. They have the Droid but its NOT an iphone and lets face it people want the IPhone because its the coolest phone on the market.

  • alex

    The reason why Verizon is not getting Iphone from Apple is very obvious for me,
    as soon as Verizon get Iphone at least 50-70% of customer would leave AT&T at the same day.
    It looks like AT&T and Apple have "under table agreement". It's not fair but anyway
    "Welcome to capitalism world !
    ( socialism is much worse, believe me …i lived in a both systems.)

  • steph

    I have had both verizon and AT&T and where I live verizon is a complete JOKE I was told that I would have perfect service with my verizon phone and when I got home I couldn’t even get a single bar I called them and they told me they had to check the towers or whatever and they would call me back after about a week of not hearing anything I went back to the store where they basically told me to bad so sad so I tried to give the phone back nope couldn’t do it so I call customer service they tell me I can return it so I hand the phone to them and tell them to cancel it needless to say apparently canceling because of reception that wasnt “fixed or checked yet” doesn’t waive the term fees but I then got the Iphone and have had the best reception which is good for me since i live in the middle of no where!All I gotta say is why would apple downgrade their iphone to a “cdma/vga” network that is half ass! whats really fun is to go driving with my friends on a road trip and seeing whos phone is better the comercials are true AT&T downloads internet pages a TON faster that verizons 3g network GO AT&T

  • Mark

    Whoa there. People are not ignorant. You choose to be ignorant. Most poeple don't choose to not understand something. They just don't or can't get all the facts and so they are reduced to guessing or filling in the blank. The droid is pretty cool but so is the Iphone. Hopefully it will come out soon and if not then that is to bad. (Lemons to lemonade)

  • redleo

    this article is not reliable. verizon will first have to launch 4g. then sign a contract ,which by the way they passed up with apple in the first place. then the phone will go through the technical testing to make sure it is a working device on the network right before release date. and in regard to the message above about verizon putting restrictions on the iphone, excuse me but have you seen the Droid? it has no verizon restriction and allows for open development. if the iphone is coming to verizon you will know. so stop wasting your time guessing, get a Droid. who gives a sh** about iphone! its a freakin phone. use an ipod not connected to a network and use a phone that actually is on a service with coverage. why pay the same amount monthly for att when verizon offers you more and has better customer service? also you dont have to send your phone away to be fixed like with atts iphone. ahhhhhhhhhhh people are so ignorant!!!

  • am2345

    There is a grammatical error in this article, how reliable can it be?

  • leiann

    i want an i phone and i have verizon

  • Ann

    i went into verizon the other day and the salesperson told me the iphone is going to happen and it will be the new 4G. He said the release date would either be June of July.

    • curtis

      The salesperson lied to you.

    • Rob

      Ann, I just went to a Verizon corporate office and spoke with the leading manager on duty and they had no clue if or when the iphone was going to come out.

  • Diann

    Like most of the folks that have posted here, I will not leave Verizon – their service and coverage ROCKS! My boyfriend has AT&T because his work requires him to and sadly his productivity is actually reduced because of the poor 3G service here in PA. Until I can get an iphone with Verizon…I’ll just live without it! Apple’s loss.

  • Frank Dunn

    TO answer above, Verizon iPhone may cost $30 million to develop. Worldwide opportunity sales increase is like 10% not double. Verizon phasing out incompatible network starting next year.

    • T.J.

      Apple already hired CDMA engineers to work on the iPhone and Verizon tested it out almost a month ago.

  • Dan

    I used to have AT&T and switched to verizon. The iphone is bar none the only good thing about at&t. Period.

  • adam

    should have read, “sales volume” not value

  • adam

    Check out or any review that talks about ATTs network. Everyone says the same thing. Dropped calls, bad 3G coverage, etc. My point is that no one ever thinks about maybe it’s the phone, not the network. I have not heard as many complaints with other phones on ATTs network (although I have not followed them as much)

    I’m locked into Verizon because of work, so I’m waiting for the Iphone to be on Verizon, but I just can’t understand why Apple would not bring it over. I would imagine that the day Apple releases the Iphone on Verizon the sales value of the phone will double. Seems like a no brainer, so why not do it?

  • adam

    I like everyone else wants an Iphone on Verizon, but could it be that all the ATT issues people are having with the phone are not ATT but are APPLE’s phone issues. the only way this would ever come to light would be if Apple opens the door to verizon. Apple might be trying to hide a bad design…

    • Gary

      I guess I’ve missed something…… people are having issues with their iPhones? I hadn’t heard any friend say anything about their iPhones other than good things. I haven’t even heard them complain (much) about the ATT coverage area issues. I’m not being critical, I am just curious, what phone problems or issues?

    • T.J.

      No, it's AT&T. they're services don't support certain things that Apple wishes they would, and Verizon was offered the iPhone first, but said "No, thanks", so now they're getting it because Apple is getting tired of AT&T not being able to support the features that Apple would like them to.

  • Buck

    Apple’s support network cannot handle both Verizon and AT&T. Can you imagine an apple store with Verizon customers having issues too?

    • SMB

      Verizon doesn't have the issues that AT&T has….

  • MM

    “Verizon iPhone or 4G Release Date? Not official to Apple confirms”

    Is that English?? Geesh!

    • Paolo

      English, just not punctuated. “Not”, official to Apple confirms.

  • Joe Momma

    AT&T is not that bad on service, at least in VA and NC.

  • Dave Russo

    I want an Iphone in the worst way, but I refuse to leave Verizon to go to a subpar service like ATT. I been on many trips with friends that have ATT service and some places they can’t get service and I can. I refuse to give that up. Mr. Jobs, you stupid not to be with the best.

    I’ll wait.

    • cake

      I have verizon and I agree with getting service in more places than my att friends, but I think i am going to switch to the subpar att just because i have a bad feeling that verizon is going to lock the iphone up and put all their restrictions on it, like they have done in the past. Of coarse we will still probably be able to do everything att customers can do, but we will have to pay verizon for it, like verizon only apps…

      • vfoss


        Verizon does not lock their Droid devices, as it is uses Google’s Market Place. There is no VZW branded market place on the Droid. So, why would they lock the iPhone?

    • Lars

      AMEN..Ive worked for AT&T and have had Verizon service for comparison…that map they show u of 3G coverage is the “real” comparison….I’ll get the Nexus ONe when it comes out..and then wait for the IPHONE..but one thing I wont do is switch to AT&T..

    • Karl

      It would be great to have iphone on verizon and all ATT customer who complain will move to verizon, then all bandwidth will be much wider in ATT and verizon will choke and they will have the problem. I have ATT and happy with it I don’t talk on the phone too much anyway but use data a lot.

    • Mandy

      I have Verizon too and refuse to switch. I have my Verizon phone for service and my ipod touch for all my apps..I am satisfied 🙂

    • Dennis Belyea

      Dave, Apple offered Verizon the iPhone first and Verizon refused it. Mr. Jobs is not stupid, Verizon is. I have no problems with AT&T service and enjoy a true unlimited data transfer unlike Verizon's unlimited 5GB limit unlimited service.