Sony PS3 Motion Controller Games List

By Jamie Pert - Feb 3, 2010

A recent article posted on PS3Home lists an official list of games which will utilize the PS3’s upcoming motion controller, the name of this controller is unconfirmed however it looks as id it will be called the ‘Arc’.

There are currently 11 games which are confirmed to use the motion controller in 2010, these games are Resident Evil 5: Alternate Edition, Ape Escape, Motion Party, Sing and Draw, Echochrome, Champions of Time, Mr. Pain, Under Siege, Tower, The Shoot and Eccentric Slider.

Obviously there is a chance that some of these games will be delayed, however barring any major delays you will see these games before the year is through, for more information check out PS3Home.

Which game are you looking forward to the most?

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